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Youth Empowerment

"Many of our previous youth members are now serving on the boards of other organizations, some have even started their own nonprofits benefiting their respected communities."

MMY supports the development of youth character, skills, and knowledge in the realm of faith, social justice, advocacy, leadership, good citizenship, and organization. 

Some examples:

  • The MMY encourages, supports, and finances our youth's ideas and work to improve the society they live in.  Each one of our activities is led and often propsed by one of our youth. We work with them to develop a plan, a budget, event details, deliver the event, and then evaluate the work they did. We focus at the growth of the youths involved  rather than the success of the event.

  • We encourage and facilitate our youth participation in conferences, local events, sponsorships, and much more.

  • We provide public relationships and speaking opportunities to our youth.

  • Much more.

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