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Non-Profits Appreciation Iftar

"This event brought tens of non-profits and hundreds of volunteers and leaders. It was the start of many new partnerships and friendships"

The concept was suggested by one of our youth (at the time) in 2016. The concept was: every year we celebrate Ramadan by giving back daily, but, why not celebrate those who give in our community in our month of giving (Ramadan)?

It is an effort to bring non-profit leaders and local volunteers to share in our fasting, celebrate our one community, and build relationships. (Every year during the month of Ramadan, Muslims fast from dawn until dusk. When we break our fast, the meal is called Iftar.)

The event honors non-profit organizations and volunteers over an Islamically significant meal, hosted by families, businesses, and the MMY.

In 2016, the MMY held its first annual Appreciation Iftar, which was poorly attended. But, since then the event has grown to a flagship event with hundreds in attendance every year.


Each year we award an organization of the year and a person of the year with a plaque and a monetary gift.

2024 Awardees

2023 Awardees

  • Organization of the year: Community Helpers of Rutherford County

  • Person of the year: Mary Watkins

2022 Awardees

  • Organization of the year: Read to Succeed

  • Person of the year: Katie Wilson (NAACP)

2020 & 2021

  • 2020 & 2021 were skipped due to covid

2019 Awardees

  • Organization of the year: Nourish Food Bank

  • Person of the year: Nathan Reed (Community Care)

2018 Awardees

  • Organization of the year: Child Advocacy Center

  • Person of the year: Layken Sanders (Soles for Souls)

2017 Awardees

  • Organization of the year: Domestic Violence & Sexual Assault

  • Person of the year: Dan Allen (Murfreesboro Cold Patrol)

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