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Murfreesboro Loves

"This movement born in 2017 brought our community together and helped shape many new friendships in our community"

In late 2017, a group of white nationalists called for an anti refugees rally in downtown Murfreesboro following a similar rally in Charlottesville that resulted in one casualty. Our city went into a panic.

Our team called a group of various community leaders and activists to meet to come together with a community response. 

MurfreesboroLoves was born during that meeting. The idea was to showcase love across our city, avoid direct confrontation to hate, and line up the streets leading to our city that day with people carrying messages of rejection to hate and promotion of love. Hundreds of people rallied behind the movement.

On October 2017, the Murfreesboro Public Square was a ghost town with boarded stores, heavy police presence, and even snipers on roof top as everyone prepared for violence.

In 2018, the leadership group voted for the MMY to take ownership and hold the name for Murfreesboro Loves.

We hold an annual Love Your neighbor to commemorate this event.

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