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Crisis Assistance

"Since we started, we have provided crisis help in a variety of ways to over 500 families, and spent over $140,000 in direct aid"

This program is currently frozen due to funding.



This program puts several initiatives into one.

  • We provide individual meals to people in crisis.

  • We provide food boxes to families in crisis.

  • we provide bill payment assistance to families in crisis.


Each applicant MUST fill out the form. Completing this application does not guarantee approval as it depends on our assessment of the need and/or the availability of funds.

  1. You must reside in Murfreesboro to receive assistance from us.

  2. Each family/person is allowed one food request at a time and one every 30 days.

  3. Each Household is allowed a maximum of one request per month and a maximum of $350 per year.

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